MRI Scanner Upgrade

Stamford Hospital MRI Scanner

Stamford Hospital – Stamford, Connecticut Our team of experienced commercial electricians upgraded the MRI wing of Stamford Hospital with a new Phillips MRI room. This upgraded room has scenic room lights along with various scenic room settings for the patient as they are in the machine. The upgraded MRI room also has a variety of…

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Fuji Film Fluoroscopy Room

Stamford Hospital – Stamford, CT In 2020, Fuji Film designed the Persona RF Premium System. This new multi-use radiography and fluoroscopy system provides real-time imaging for skeletal, digestive, urinary, respiratory, reproductive systems; or specific organs; including the heart, lung and kidneys. Elite Electrical Contractors L.L.C. was contracted for the entire electrical portion of this project…

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Temporary Mobile MRI Trailer

Stamford Hospital – Stamford, CT Elite temporarily provided power, fire alarm and networking to this mobile MRI trailer located in the front of the hospital, while we renovate and upgrade the MRI Suite inside.

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