Electrophysiology Lab I & II

St. Vincent’s Medical Center, Bridgeport, CT

Electrophysiology Lab I

This project from start to finish was completed in 10 very aggressive weeks.

In those ten weeks after we demoed the lab, we had to install conduits for GE Healthcare below the floor, walls & in ceiling per their equipment requirements – along with conduits for Life Safety and general healthcare requirements. The amount of conduits installed total, equaled just over two miles. 

When it was time to install light fixtures, there was no cutting corners. Besides the special gasket medical rated 2×2’s and recess lights – Phillips icolor lights were installed around the perimeter per the medical team’s request.

Upon completion, this hybrid EP Lab attracted state attention when it became the first of its kind in Connecticut.

Electrophysiology Lab II

Although EP Lab II did not receive the same recognition as the first one due to the existing size of the lab and a budget that had to be met, that’s is not to say this project was ignored.

This project was another fast pace project with GE Healthcare to meet the needs of the medical center. 

Like EP 1, conduits had to be installed for the equipment, medical lights needed to be installed along with the other general lab requirements.