elite difference

The Elite Difference

Construction projects can place tough demands on electrical contractors, but health care projects are for a special breed. From large hospitals and out-patient clinics, to rehabilitation centers and physician offices and beyond, the electrical systems are highly complex and equally critical. At Elite Electrical Contractors L.L.C., we believe four capabilities will lay out “the Elite difference” when we work together.

Healthcare contractors

There is no substitute for experience—and that’s especially true when it comes to managing complex electrical contracting requirements for healthcare projects. We use containment equipment to control construction materials and debris when working in clean rooms and negative pressure areas. For over 15 years we have been tied to healthcare development and renovations working with Connecticut's top hospitals. Simply put, healthcare electrical knowledge and expertise come from experience.

problem-solving abilities

Catching mistakes early on can mitigate the associated cost and help ensure trouble-free electrical operations over time. In this regard, an electrical contractor can be a general contractor’s valuable partner. Since Elite conducts day-today maintenance at some hospitals, we can identify potential design issues and oversights, then mitigate the damage with minimal or no effect on scheduling or budgets due to our knowledge of the buildings.

infrastructure & capacity

Hiring the wrong electrical contractor can spell disaster in the form of budget overruns, delays, end-user dissatisfaction and even lawsuits or injuries. We highlighted the importance of an electrical contractor’s experience with health care projects and their ability to address problems and challenges proactively and creatively. Our knowledge and understanding necessary to look beyond the drawings and truly understand how systems work in and of themselves, and in tandem with other building systems have helped engineers design new projects, while expanding our knowledge and saving the customer money.

An organization-wide
commitment to quality

Elite Electrical Contractors L.L.C. is dedicated to quality on every project, regardless of size or contract value. Every employee is responsible for a quality installation. Quality comes from experience and the company’s deep commitment to formal training, which all employees are required to participate in on a frequent basis. 


Healthcare Labs

X-Ray, MRI, Electrophysiology, Interventional Radiology, CAT Scan

Elite has wired and completed machine upgrades, new labs as well as wiring the first Electrophysiology Lab of its kind in Connecticut. We have worked with GE Healthcare, Phillips Healthcare and Siemens Healthcare on numerous projects. We understand the amount of work that needs to be completed in a short amount of time. Experience and knowledge of the equipment lets us deliver on time, every time.

Hospital Renovations

From smaller renovations to large scale floor renovations, Elite has been chosen time and time again to complete it. Our experience in hospital renovations allows not only the general contractor to trust us, but as well as the customer. Over the years, we have taken part in many different hospital floor renovations, such as cardiovascular, bone and joint, physical therapy, maternity, mental health and pharmacies as well as offices/practice spaces. Not only is electrical experience necessary on these projects, but electrical healthcare knowledge is indispensable. 

hospital renovation

Out-Patient Facilities

While healthcare companies expand their name and reputation throughout the area, it is important that their standards follow with them. With Elite, that happens on every project. The same knowledge that is used inside a hospital is still applied outside, keeping the patients and staff as always the number one priority. Elite’s portfolio includes a wide range of out-patient facilities and offices completed throughout the last decade.

Systems Work for Healthcare 

Elite can be your healthcare facility’s solution for telecom/data networking, integrated surveillance, access, nurse call, fire alarm and emergency communications systems. From system design and installation to maintenance, our team of professionals can provide your hospital or medical office building with the modern services it needs. Our specialized teams are well versed in hospital safety protocols and deliver unfailingly professional service with minimal disruption to patient comfort and care.